zoro asura

Also due to the fact that zoro used the attack as a last ditch effort, almost as if he were forced to use it. Well as I said before, Asura techniques will be casual, but he will have enhancements on top of those. I believe that using asura puts zoro in a very aggressive “primitive” like state. I believe that this makes more sense than the drawback to asura being “it strains his body” seeing as how asura is more spiritual than physical. I believe that once zoro begins to use asura he is able to essentially triple his potential as a swordsman but as a result, his blood lust also increases. Why do i believe this?

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Well none apart from the fact that he slayed the dragon. Zoro must have realised this and is why when he uses asura, he only uses “finishing moves” that he would only have to use once then revert back to normal ASAP.


Luffy’s gears and sanji’s devil leg are power ups that are more physical than spiritual. I believe that the downsides to Asura are so bad, so terrifying that Zoro rather would master his base axura than master Asura. Read 7 more replies. Pratyush Milanoista It was during punk hazard.

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Also there was no real sign of a drawback shown like there was for luffy. Why do i believe this?


Featured post The Going Merry. Although we do not know the origin of asura, we can assume that it stems from zoro’s spirit not his sword otherwise if zoro were to lose or replace that sword, he would lose his power-up If zoros spirit were to increase in strength after every battle, so in turn would the aggressive nature of asura.

Now i’m sure that you should all be aware of Zoro’s infamous power-up: Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. I believe that this is due to asura being a manifestation of the spirit.

Lol you think zoro needs ashura for a bunch of scrubs he has been fighting so far? More from Massacre Soldier. If Shusui counters the abilities of a fire breathing dragon, what could it be? If zoros spirit were to increase in strength after every battle, so in turn would the aggressive nature of asura.

I believe that using asura puts zoro in a very aggressive “primitive” like state.

This leads me to believe that the power of the Shusui is either water or weather. Featured post Are you the chosen one? Massacre Soldier It wasnt highlighted as well as it was did for luffy and zoro and observation for usopp. We know this as kaku described asura as an “illusion”. Depite Asura having never been shown post-skip, many people believe that we will see some new super powered version of Asura.

Well in Punk Hazard as well as in monsters, the dragon was shown to be a european dragon and being so could breathe fire. Now asurq it will be stronger than pre-skip Asura, as Zoro overall is stronger than his pre-skip self, but it does beg the question.


If a technique is mastered, it can be used casually. It was during punk hazard.

So now we have Wano, an arc while i believe will focus more on Zoro than any other SH, albeit I believe it will be a point of high development for all SHs. Zoro gaining fire swordsman ship has been foreshadowed multiple times, one example can be seen above. In an attempt to try and fight his inner demons, zoro tries to calm his soul by sleeping, working out and drinking most of the time – all stress relieving activities.

So what will Zoro look like in Wano? Where did this demonic spirit come from? Well the name Shusui means autumn water. We were first introduced to the technique during asuea Enies Lobby Arc whilst zoro was in battle with Kaku and once again in Sabaody whilst the Big 3 were fighting a pacifista.

Rather, it seems as if instead of mastering Asura, Zoro mastered 3-swords style, as if Zoro trained his Asura, he would be asrua it in the same way Luffy uses Gear 2. It would make no sense if Luffy is the only one from the new generation with CoC. Simply due to what zoro says as he is about to cut down kaku which is roughly translated into, “Bring on the hardship, it is preferred on the path of carnage”.