In ‘Commando Force’, Black Cat compares him to Houdini , while Nagraj once trapped in an enemy’s trap wonders, “What would have Dhruva done, had he been in my place? Frankly speaking, plot and panels are almost inconsequential for something as monumental and influential as this comic proved during its time. We feel Saloni Daini, the young comic star resembles Pinki a lot. After Sinha left, with multiple writers working on the character simultaneously, it became more and more unclear as to which Dhruva storyline belongs to the original continuity and which does not. Super Commando Dhruv is someone who is extremely good looking apart from having a sharp brain. In the late s, after the initial success of Nagraj , Raj Comics wanted another superhero for its titles. In December , a series named “Bal Charit” was launched, with its first issue “Hunters” being released.

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Chandika has inherited her brother’s fighting style. His deductive reasoning and lateral thinking combined with his presence of mind and scientific knowledge cimmando laws of physics allow him to make innovative use of harmless objects nagraj and super commando dhruv comics around to defeat his enemies. Dhruva has had quite a few love interests that include Natasha, Richa and Sabby. Dhruv used the pistol in Anr ka Swarg. Instead of fighting thugs, he was now fighting against supervillainsaliens, and even demons.

In alternate universe shown in Nagayana series, Natasha has been revealed to be the lawfully wedded wife of Dhruva. Dhruva has always had full support of the police department and full access to all police records and classified documents, not only because duruv foster father Rajan Mehra is the Inspector General of Police but also because Dhruva has always had utmost respect for the law enforcing bodies and has never taken law in his hands.


Sinha continued to work on Nagraj solo titles as well as multi-hero titles featuring Nagraj and Dhruva but stopped working on solo Dhruva titles.

We xhruv inspired by them. Dhruva’s belt has evolved over the years from a simple leather belt to a leather utility belt with pouches to a metallic utility belt.

Strongman Hercules taught him body building. Retrieved 26 June It is the place from where Commando Force operates.


Nagraj and super commando dhruv comics toAnupam Sinha worked on every single Dhruva solo titles as well nagrai most of the multi-hero titles featuring Dhruva. As a result, there is always an air of uneasiness between Dhruva and some of his allies including Black Cat and Doga who don’t think twice before killing a criminal, and he always makes it a point not to let them take the law in their hands in front of his eyes.

If you grew up on comics too, you know what I mean. Thus, Super Commando Dhruva was born: Commanndo part of the two-part story [4]. So in here both Nagraj and Dhruv dispose of Henchman here and there. Rajan Mehra adopted him.

Super Commando Dhruva – Wikipedia

Dhruva’s biggest arch enemy and the most recurring villain in his titles is Grand Master Robo, a crime lord. This comic was released as a giant issue. Since then, the character has featured in many titles published by Raj Comicsincluding solo issues, two hero and multi-hero crossoversparallel series set in alternate universeslimited series and guest shruv.


Apart from this, Dhruva’s appearance remained unchanged throughout the years. Suggested actor to play the role: Super Commando Dhruva operates in the fictional Indian city of Rajnagar. Instead, as Wright pointed out, he prefers to sport a “solid-looking helmet of hair”.

Later, the city police chief Rajan Mehra adopted Dhruva as his own son. As a budding scientist, she constantly provides Dhruva with innovative gadgets that prove very helpful to Dhruva during his fights.

We feel Saloni Daini, the young comic star resembles Pinki a lot. It brought Nagraj and Dhruva together for the first time [17].

From Nagraj to Super Commando Dhruv: We want to see these comic characters in a TV series

Ravindra Shakya rated it did not like it Aug 14, He is also adept at trapezebalancing and other acrobatic arts that he learned from his own parents. Dhruva never takes law in his hands and always works in conjunction with the law enforcing nagraj and super commando dhruv comics. Largely based on the Hindu epic Ramayanathe story of Nagayana as a whole as well as most of its sub-plots narrowly follow the same storyline as that of the Hindu epic with Raj Comic characters Nagraj, Dhruva, Visarpi and Nagpasha filling in the roles of original characters RamaLaxmanaSita and Ravana respectively.

Dhruva was born to Shyam and Radha, two trapeze artists who used to perform in Jupiter Circus situated on the outskirts of Rajnagar. I wish they would release all the ebooks freely.