The upper graph indicates the consistency of your connection. Views Read Edit View history. Ideally, you should always have blue bars of only a pixel or two in height. A snaps of 40 will usually just cause you to hit your rate limit a lot faster. You can ask for a different number of snapshots by changing the snaps variable, but there isn’t a lot of benefit to that.

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By using our lagomrter, lagometer acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Green and yellow lagometer are properly received snapshots, with the height of the bar proportional to the ping.

Use the following console commands for the following games:. The lower graph slides one pixel for every snapshot received from the server. I err on the conservative side, because too low of a rate will only make the movement of other lagometer in the world choppy, while too high of a rate can cause huge amounts of lag.

Lagometer – LANThrax

lagometer In a heavy firefight, it is normal for modem players to see yellow bars in the bottom graph, which should return to green when the action quiets down. Retrieved from ” https: A yellow bar indicates that the previous snapshot was intentionally supressed to stay under the rate lagpmeter.

The most important one is ratewhich is what the connection speed option in the menu sets. lagometer


The length of the line is proportional to the time. If you are commonly getting big triangles of yellow lagometeer the graph, your connection is inconsistent. According to the in-game tooltip, cyan now displays the ticks and green the world rendering. But even when I just look down lagometer the floor which is what I did for the lower bars in the lagometer lagometer, the white part makes up most of the lag.

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The shorter the bar, the smaller the ping was. Contact Lagomter Privacy Rights Theme: Yellow means that the client is predicting what will happen, but hasn’t received a snapshot to corroborate it yet. You lagometer actually be connecting faster than that, lagometer modem compression may be buying you something, so you might get a better play experience by increasing the values slightly.

In game console is not available. Note that the optimal rate will be somewhat lower than a rate for QW or Lagometer, because I now include the UDP packet header length in the bandwidth estimate. Sign up using Facebook.

In the game Minecraft, the lagometer is displayed on the debug menu, as a line graph that will go up when lag spikes. Home Questions Tags Users Lagometer.

Sign up using Email and Password. In this screenshot, it was lagometer high, 12 I think. This is why on higher FPS not laometer lag line has a white top, the tick skips some frames to keep the rate of 20 updates per second. Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled. Email Required, but never shown.


Lagometer – Activision Community

If the computer isn’t very good, it will lag with that setting. There are lagometer few tuning variables for people trying to optimize their connection: Bottom bars correspond to delay before sending a snapshot by a server and receiving it by a lagomete so called “ping”. Can anyone tell me what it means? So I enabled lagometer lagometer an it shows me a huge white bar.

The height of upper bars is proportional to the interpolated time between snapshots received so as long as they come lagometer, it stays below the “zero line” latometer is drawn lagometer blueor – if snapshots stop to arrive on time – is extrapolated after the last snapshot expected then bars cross the “zero line” and are drawn in yellow.

This is where world blocks and entities get updated, for example: The upper graph indicates the consistency of your connection. Lagometer games that use a “lagometer” will simply remove a player from the game if their lag is too high.

You can ask for a different number of snapshots by changing lagometer snaps variable, but lagoemter isn’t a lot of benefit to that.