Then click on each of the locations you want a copy of the item. Doomkilla Doomkilla 9 years ago 7 Eh, I like Median more Forgot your username or password? Some of the newest attributes for 1. Body Armor can be spawned with sockets.

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Jowii People to have Sig’d Stupid things that I say: Expand the sub-sub-branch fditor your weapon in my case a bow and click on the type of weapon that you have say a “Short Bow”. Rings, Amulets, Charms and Quivers can have a socket by the cube recipes.

Amazon Skills Inner Sight reduces enemy’s defense and physical resistance by percentage.

Eastern Sun Database

Eastwrn slow block bug with 1H swing weapon is fixed. Changed some demons and undead into animals. Used for Tinkering and some other recipes. A patched version of Eastern Sun 3. Click on the Info tab of the ZonFire99 Edition Hero Editor to see what version is running, or look at the bottom-left of the main window.


Map Amazon and Barbarian run faster.

Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Qual-Kehk gives a kit of materials for Class Craft for rescuing Barbs. Magic, rare and unique quivers are spawnable.

Hero Editor

A special normal charm with sockets is cubable. Getting Set Magic Working For each item in the Set that you are creating, perform the following steps: These backup files will use the following naming conventions: Unfortunately, I’ve heard of various problems when trying to convert any high level character character level above All gems are sold at vendors.

Changes in ES 3. Unallocate all stats Str, Dex, Vit, Ene and set them to the starting values of the character class. If you are using an existing character, delete items to create as much space as you need to import any 1.

Diablo II – Eastern Sun Mod

The current setting of “Metal Golem Protection” is used. Now some affixes have powerful “per level” property. Shortcuts to Menu Items New powerful craft recipes for each class. Rune Jackpot Unique monsters have a slim chance to drop a bunch of Coupons.


To help you find things, attack, damage, defense, etc.

Hero Editor for Eastern Sun – Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Message Board for PC – GameFAQs

Traps are correctly boosted by elemental pierce and elemental damage bonus. Any response will be appreciated?. Cow King diabo 8 Dragon Stones at the first kill.

Editing Your Items 3. Helms can be spawned with sockets. Doubled the amount of gold in inventory, quadrupled in stash. These 3 cover most dual wielding combo. A little editor some of my friends made a while edjtor but it seems not many people heard of it so I am going to post it on here.